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About the  Author

Kristie S. Andrews is the CEO of Becoming a Heckuvachic Academy. Becoming a widow at the age of 39, her life as she knew it had come to a halt. She suffered unspeakable pain and grief. She felt hopeless, broken, and empty. Her life began to run on autopilot. She lacked clarity, focus, direction, confidence, courage, and purpose in both her personal and professional life. She believes that when we face great adversity, we are either broken by it, survive it, or it becomes a defining moment in our lives. She’s been able to do the work necessary to experience a life makeover, and she wants to help as many women as she can to do the same. Her vision is 2 inspire women + 2 own her power = 4 Her Life’s Breakthrough. Kristie believes that next-level living is mandatory. She encourages readers to step out of the shadows of their silhouette to become a Heckuvachic who is unstoppable in her personal and professional life!

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What can you expect inside?

When a woman transforms her mindset, she can use her power to transform her life from Surviving, to Thriving, to Dominating.

The book contains a powerful and inspiring message for women that is pragmatic, positive, and empowering. It’s filled with heartfelt, and valuable advice for readers. The author shares her personal stories transparently, and she provides inspirational common-sense recommendations on how women can feel empowered and take charge of their own life.

It speaks directly to the reader’s fears and insecurities by using her own life journey as an example of hardships that can be overcome with the right mindset. The book provides a Life Makeover Transformation Model that readers will find relatable and impactful. It also provides reassurance, understanding, and a path to a happier life using a clear and thoughtful approach.


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